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Wear A Mask, Save the Community

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The world presently is combating with a deadly pandemic – COVID-19. This novel virus has affected millions of people across the globe in its wake. In fact, there are over 24.3 million people infected by this virus worldwide. What can we do to stop its spread?

While scientists work hard to come up with a cure, it is up to us to take necessary precautionary measures. Washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance, and wearing a mask is among the most important steps that you can take.

Of course, wearing a mask may be uncomfortable, but it is still better than contracting the virus and fighting for your life. If you buy a premium mask, it will be more comfortable for you. You can check some quality masks here.

The importance of wearing a mask

Following are reasons that make masks the most important preventive measure –

• It can prevent the transmission of the virus 

Various studies have highlighted that covering your face can contain droplets from being expelled. This is one of the main reasons for virus transmission. When you cover your face with a mask and maintain a safe distance, it can protect you and the person you are talking with from transmitting the virus.

• Protecting from Unawareness 

According to research, 40% of people suffering from this virus show no symptoms. But they can transfer the virus to others And, with the lack of widespread screening tests, there is no way to identify how many people are carrying the virus in the community silently. In this situation, wearing a mask proves to be the best way to protect yourself from getting the virus.

How to wear a mask properly?

Following are some important things that you should consider when wearing a mask –

• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water prior to touching the face mask.
• Take out the mask from the box or dispensers and ensure that there are no tears or holes.
• When wearing masks, cover your mouth, chin, and nose properly. 
• Ensure that there are no gaps on the sides.
• Do not touch the mask and when removing, taking out from behind the ears.
• When throwing away, ensure to keep it away from you or any surface. 
• Once you have discarded the mask, wash your hands properly. 

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way our lives used to be. A majority of people are staying at home, avoiding social interactions, and changing their regular habits. While there needs to be a change in old habits, we also need to adopt certain new ones. And wearing a mask in public is the most important habit.

In the earlier stages, general instructions were not to wear masks. This was the result of the long-standing notion that standard surgical masks or medical masks are not adequate to protect the wearer. But the arduous research done by the scientific community found otherwise. If we all wear masks in the right way, follow social distancing norms, and other recommendations by medical experts, we can together curb the community spread of this virus.

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