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5 Things You Need To Include In Your Party Planning List

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Are you thinking about holding a mega-corporate event? Are you planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your friend? Or maybe you want to plan a retirement party for your coworker. The easiest way to hold a party is to make a list of all the associated tasks beforehand.
I have compiled a few things that you need to keep in mind and include in your party planning list if you want to throw a memorable party.

A Specific Theme
Selecting a unique and special theme is the heart and soul of a party. There are a lot of themes to choose from like a historical costume, 80s retro, a movie or a superhero getup, which will create a vivacious vibe for your party. You need to work around your theme when decorating the party space, buying food and props.
If you are throwing a corporate party, then a theme which helps you advertise your brand can help achieve your objectives, meanwhile creating a fun environment.

The most important part of a party is getting the invitations down. If you are throwing an official office party, you can send an RSVP invitation to all the employees of the company.
Your invitations need to include the party location, date and time, dress/theme code, and whether the guests can bring guests or not.

Fun Activities
What’s a party without any fun activities? Activities keep the guests engaged so that they don’t feel bored at a party. They can create a lot of fun memories with their families and friends by being a part of these activities.
• A Magic Show
The best way to keep the kids at bay in parties is to arrange for a magic show. Jeremy Swap is a great professional magician who presents magic in a very engaging way to leave a very memorable evocation for all your guests.
• Games
Arranging little games that can be played outside and inside can also keep the guests engaged. Ping-Pong, Beer-Pong, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoe, etc. will enrage any wallflowers to interact.
• Photo-Booth
Everyone wants to throw a party that is remembered for ages. What better way to mark the best party every than photo-booths? A special photo booth with props, fun hats, glasses will have your guests snapping silly pictures that they will take home with them as a token of memories.

Good Music
There is nothing more awkward in a party than silence. Whether you’re being the DJ yourself or have hired a professional one, it is best to make a playlist of some good songs you would like to play at the party.
With apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and YouTube, it is perfect to set the right atmosphere for a party. Just select a party playlist on these streaming apps, and you’re good to go.

Selecting the Right Menu
The menu is something that most people lose their heads over. Make a list of all the items you already have and the things you need to buy. Don’t go nuts on the menu and select two to three main dishes according to your party theme and make rest of the meals simple.
If you are planning to throw a huge party, it is best to hire a catering service as they will take this burden off your shoulder.

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